Routine Dental Cleaning and Exam

Biannual teeth cleanings performed by our dental hygienist will keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling their best. During cleanings, our hygienist will gently remove plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from the surface of your teeth. She’ll also polish your teeth and floss to test the condition of your gums.

After your cleaning, your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. In addition to a visual assessment, he will check your current restorations, examine any x-rays that were taken and screen for early signs of gum disease and oral cancer.

We understand that going to the dentist can be stressful, so we’ve designed our office to make your visits as comfortable as they are effective. If it’s been a while since your last cleaning, call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll take great care of you!

What Our Patients Think

The overall quality of your dental experience is very important to us.