Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the past, those getting fillings for cavities in their teeth did not have many options. As technology has advanced, the material and composition of filling have been greatly improved. Fillings at West Hills Smiles in West Hills, CA uses 100% mercury-free biocompatible resins. Biocompatibility is crucial since this will help to keep a healthy PH balance in the mouth for years to come. The composite resins we use also bond to the teeth in a much easier way, so it does not involve as much preparation as it did in the past. This results in a more natural looking appearance by leaving more of the tooth beneath intact.

Cosmetic Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cosmetically, tooth colored fillings make a world of difference to a smile. The resin used can also be perfectly matched to the hue of your other teeth, meaning the filling will blend into your teeth naturally. The composite tooth-colored fillings that we use are also smaller than silver fillings, meaning they can better conform to the shape of a cavity.

If a patient has had metal fillings put in their mouth years ago, there is also a small chance of the metal filling having traces of mercury, which was commonly used for many years. If this is a concern, or even if you just want to upgrade to natural-looking fillings, please give us a call so we can conduct a consultation and let you know how we can improve the look of your fillings!

What Our Patients Think

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