Minerva Ferguson


Just had work done by Dr. Mike Salekian today and was so impressed with how smoothly everything went!!!! I am usually terrified of the dentist (especially the numbing shots) but Dr. Mike was so gentle I honestly didn’t even feel him numbing me. He was very thorough at explaining everything so I felt comfortable the entire time. He is a very compassionate guy and truly cares about his patients. The assistant, Chris, is amazing too!! I highly recommend going to see them for any of your dental needs! You’ll be happy that you did! The front office is very accommodating when it comes to utilizing your insurance and making sure things are good on the financial side.

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Dr. Ben Reyhani

A graduate of UCLA and the USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Ben Reyhani has a thirst for knowledge and a passion for teaching. He believes in providing the most leading-edge dental treatments in a friendly environment. He takes great pride knowing that his hands are improving his patients’ health and quality of life. Dr. Ben