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What can your veneers do for a face?

Teeth are the brightest feature on the face, and therefore, if they are not born into the right position, they actually cause a sense of asymmetry, a factor that can severely limit the natural beauty of the face. For those suffering from asymmetrical teeth, the perfect smile can be achieved through the incredible effectiveness of  porcelain veneers at West Hills Smiles.

Among the aspects of the face often overlooked during aesthetic procedures are a patient’s lips – just like a picture frame does for a piece of art, the lips serve as a frame for the teeth. When evaluating the cosmetic appeal of the lips, two primary factors are considered – the way they move, and their thickness, or fullness. For thin lips or heavy long upper lips where the teeth don’t show, building teeth out with veneers can actually roll the upper lip out, making it fuller and giving more display to the teeth.

What is a veneer?

A veneer is a thin porcelain shell bonded on top of the natural tooth. It is approximately a half millimeter thick, roughly the same size as a contact lens. Once applied, veneers can cover up a number of cosmetic dental problems, including deeply stained teeth, or those that are unusually shaped, small or misaligned among other benefits. Veneers from West Hills Smiles are especially durable and help the entire mouth (and face!) appear balanced and natural. At West Hills Smiles, the shape and color of your veneers are customized with consideration towards face shape, lip dynamics, chin, color of your hair, tone of your skin, tooth size, tooth color, nose and eye levels.

The process behind making your smile

Your first visit with West Hills Smiles will be our aesthetic evaluation session. We’ll take detailed photographs of your teeth and create images of what your new smile will look like. We will then take a detailed impression of your teeth and bite, allowing your doctor and ceramist to design a model of your teeth that are transformed into a new smile using a special wax. The wax-up serves as preview of the final  smile makeover.

During your second appointment at our  Woodland Hills dentist office, we’ll show you the diagnostic wax-up model and pictures of your new smile, followed by preparation of your new veneers and transferring customized wax up to the mouth. Using special matrices and dental materials, a customized mock-up is created that exactly duplicates the wax-up in temporary veneers to the mouth, giving you the ability to test drive a new smile.

After wearing your temporary smile, you will return to provide feedback on the look and fit of your veneers. Many patients love it right away, but some patients like to play with a few changes to color, shape or length of the temporaries in the mouth. We will finish your new smile makeover by cementing your brand new veneers with our own custom colorist, minimizing any critical errors in the color matching of your new smile – making sure we get it right the first time.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

Veneers should last from 10 to 15 years, sometimes longer. They’re significantly more resistant to stain and discoloration and, unlike your natural teeth, maintain their brightness and luster for many years.

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