3 Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant comes with numerous responsibilities. These months are crucial to look after your overall health. Oral health is no exception. It is an essential part of prenatal care for pregnant women. A mother’s oral health is a significant determinant of her baby’s wellness.

You may notice an increase in oral health problems during your pregnancy. Some studies show a linkage between the mother’s gum disease and premature birth. Premature birth can also lead to more health problems for the baby in the future.

Increased hormones like estrogens and progesterone can bring about several changes in a pregnant woman’s body. Additionally, different eating habits can also influence the deterring oral health of a pregnant woman. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 women of childbearing age has dental cavities.

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Here are some essential oral health tips for pregnant women that will ensure a healthy mother and baby.

Consume a Healthy Diet and Limit Sugar

It is vital to consume a nutritious diet during your pregnancy to keep yourself and your baby healthy. A healthy diet consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, pasta, and low-fat dairy products.

It is crucial to increase your calcium, phosphorus, vitamin, and mineral intake. You must also limit your sugar intake to prevent the prevalence of oral health problems. Increase water intake and avoid sugary drinks.

A high level of sugar consumption can lead to cavities or periodontal disease. 75% of pregnant women suffer from swollen gums, also known as gingivitis. It can be increasingly harmful to your baby.

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Make Regular Dental Visits

Dental visits for pregnant women are just as necessary as prenatal and neonatal visits. Make an appointment with a dentist as soon as you start your pregnancy. Your dentist will assess your gums and treat them during your visits. Avoid taking medicines that are not prescribed by your dentist. Supplements like tetracycline antibiotics can affect your baby’s growing teeth.

It is essential to make one appointment with the dentist every month. You should also avoid taking X-rays during pregnancy. However, if your dentist recommends an X-ray, you must be extra careful with it.

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Brush Your Teeth Frequently

Regularly brushing your teeth gently with fluoride toothpaste can prevent gum diseases and plaque build-up on your teeth. You must be able to touch all the areas of your teeth with your toothbrush. Make sure to brush twice a day.

You must replace your toothbrush after every 3-4 months of pregnancy. Be extra cautious with the toothpaste you use. Ask your dentist to recommend effective toothpaste, or look for an ADA approval seal on your toothpaste. The seal is an indicator of the product’s safety.

Pregnancy is a special time of your life that requires patience and commitment. You must take your oral health seriously during your pregnancy to ensure your child’s safety and good oral health. Make three dental visits every trimester, eat healthy foods, avoid sugars, and take the best care of your oral hygiene.

We, at West Hills Smiles, will be happy to welcome you to our office in Woodland Hills, CA. We promise to provide you with safe and healthy guidelines for your teeth during pregnancy. Schedule an appointment today!