4 Reasons You Feel Pain After A Root Canal

A root canal is a painful dental treatment for a painful dental problem. It is not uncommon for patients to feel pain and sensation in the infected tooth. While some discomfort should be expected in the area around the root canal, pain and irritation are signs to be reported to your dentist.

Keep reading to find out why your root canal hurts after your surgery. It is best to visit a dentist to help with your pain.

4 Reasons Why A Root Canal Hurts

A root canal is an intense procedure meant to help you get rid of toothache. It involves deep canal cleaning, which irritates the gums and teeth in the surrounding area. Sometimes, however, an RCT can fail. This happens when you consistently experience pain in the operated tooth days after the procedure is done. Here are a few reasons why your root canal treatment hurts:

1. An infection in the jaw bone

Even though your root canal looks perfect, there may be something wrong if it hurts. A root canal involves several steps, including recovery. Sometimes the area around the infected tooth is vulnerable enough to foster bacterial growth, which can cause an infection. This infection is characterized by inflammation and swelling around the crown.

A dentist explaining a surgical procedure to a patient 

2. An infection in the root canal

It is possible to lock in some bacteria under the infected tooth during an RCT procedure. Bacteria in the mouth grow rapidly, causing an infection in the root canal. If you feel pain in and around the tooth after a recommended healing period of the dental treatment, contact your dentist immediately.

3. An under or oversized crown or filling

A good dentist will create a composite exactly the size of your tooth. When it comes to your teeth, being even a millimeter off center can be painful and lead to inflammation in your mouth. Keeping your dentist in the loop is the best way to seek relief from the pain.

There could be several reasons why your root canal hurts. The only way to get rid of post-surgery pain is to ensure that you seek professional help as soon as something doesn’t feel right.

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