All You Need To Know About Laser-Assisted Cavity Detection

Food is a necessity of life, and our mouths are exposed to various kinds of food every day. The leftover food particles result in the release of plaque and the formation of acid that creates tooth cavities.

The tooth cavity may be visible in teeth located inside the front of the mouth. However, if there are cavities in teeth located in the latter part of the mouth, they may not be visible. If these cavities are not detected immediately, they can lead to further damage to your teeth, and you may require the immediate services of an emergency dentist.

Laser-assisted cavity detection is an effective technology to identify the exact location of a tooth cavity.

How It Works

With the help of quick, accurate, and non-invasive identification technology, laser-assisted cavity detection has transformed the concept of dental treatment as this technique can detect even the smallest of cavities.

Equipped with a laser diode, the laser-assisted cavity detection technique identifies cavities with the help of the fluorescence phenomenon. The highest levels of fluorescence depict the largest tooth cavities.

Benefits of Laser-Assisted Cavity Detection

The laser-assisted cavity detection technology offers various benefits to patients suffering from tooth cavities. Let’s take a look at some of them!

1. Pain Reduction

The first thing that may cross patients’ thoughts is whether the laser-assisted cavity detection would further add to their existing pain. However, it is worth noting that lasers are relatively less painful than other conventional technologies employed to identify tooth cavities.


A patient suffering from toothache

2. Safety

Although lasers comprise of powerful light beams, they are a much safer option when compared with radiation-based technologies that can harm the dentist, the patient, and their surroundings.

3. Preservation of Healthy Tooth

Since the speed and direction of a laser beam is controllable, healthy teeth are not harmed in the process. This is because the laser targets those areas where the patient feels pain due to the formation of the cavity.

4. No Complications

It would be a big relief for the patients to know that the impact of laser on the teeth and gums minimizes the chances of complications, such as infection, swelling, and soreness. This is because a laser will only detect the cavity and not interfere with other areas of the mouth.

5. Relief From Dental Anxiety

According to a research study, dental anxiety affects almost 36% of the global population. However, the laser-assisted cavity detection technique overcomes this dental fear through its quieter and unintrusive operation that makes patients more comfortable and encourages them to come back for regular checkups.

In this way, it becomes possible to detect dental issues early and avoid emergency dental care.

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