Ceramic Metal-Free Crowns

Ceramic Metal-Free Crowns In Woodland Hills, CA

A dental crown is used in many different types of dental restoration procedures. It is used to cap a repaired tooth or can completely encircle a dental implant. Tooth crowns are most often required when the structural integrity of a tooth is in question which can be caused by large cavities or through trauma. By using a bonding material, your West Hills, CA dental crown dentist attaches the ceramic crown to the tooth or implant and makes it look like a natural tooth by matching it to the nearby teeth.

Benefits of Ceramic Metal-Free Crowns

All ceramic metal-free crowns have many advantages. The appearance is much more natural looking when compared to metal crowns. This is particularly helpful when the tooth being repaired is visible when smiling. Metal crowns can lead the wearer to have sensitivity issues to hot or cold foods since the metal is a conductor. Ceramic, metal-free crowns do not have this problem.

Ceramic is also considered a bio-compatible material. What does that mean? Well, your body is less likely to fight or resist having a ceramic dental crown in your mouth as opposed to a metal crown. Ceramic is considered kind to the natural gum tissue which will allow it to grow back more naturally around a ceramic crown. There is no risk of an allergic reaction as well.

Uses for Ceramic Metal-Free Crowns

Ceramic crowns may be needed for the following scenarios:

  • Protect a weak tooth from fully breaking apart or to keep the cracked parts held together
  • Cover/attach to a dental implant
  • Support a tooth with a large filling that may have stability issues
  • Cover unsightly teeth as a cosmetic effort
  • Hold a bridge in its proper position

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