Dental Technology Developments in 2021 You Should Know Of

Every year we get to learn about new technological developments and trends that were never even thought of before.

These technological developments have managed to make our lives easier. Dental and healthcare technology is one of the fastest-growing and developing sector of business IT.

These technologies not just improve healthcare services but also help dentists to enhance their practices and treat their patients more effectively.

Keep reading this article to learn about some of the most useful and innovative dental technological developments in 2021.

Smart Toothbrush

With time we have seen everyday household items like televisions, refrigerators, thermostats, and even cars turn ‘smart.’ It was high time we got a smart toothbrush.

With a traditional toothbrush, you have to be careful about your brushing technique and still can’t be sure whether you’ve cleaned your teeth properly or not.

Smart toothbrushes can keep a record of your brushing and can analyze if you’re doing it properly. These toothbrushes are also engineered to play some games with children that can encourage them to develop healthier habits.

Smart brushes give your teeth a fighting chance against decay and cavities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Although artificial intelligence has been a part of healthcare for quite some time, recent developments show that it can be used more productively.

A study conducted in 2019 shows that dental medicine is evolving in terms of digitization. Algorithms and AI can be integrated within the dental healthcare system, which can help analyze large quantities of data and offer diagnosis and treatment recommendations for patients.

a dental treatment


Amid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, teledentistry has proved to be a very beneficial technology.

It allows patients and dentists to communicate online and helps the doctors treat them without meeting physically.

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