Help! My Child’s Teeth Aren’t Coming In Straight!

As a parent,it’s natural to feel worried when you notice your child’s teeth are growing out crooked. You blame yourself and feel like you did something wrong along the way.

Misaligned teeth are a common problem among children and it can easily be corrected. Here’s what you can do about it.

Children generally have straight milk teeth, but when they fall out, and the permanent teeth begin to grow, they tend to grow out crooked. A number of factors cause crooked teeth in kids:


Genetic factors a major role in how your child’s teeth turn out. If a dominant feature in your family is overcrowded teeth, then your child will most likely have the same issue. Parents can expect their child’s teeth to be differently shaped or imperfectly aligned.

Thumb sucking, pacifiers, and tongue thrusting

Pacifiers are given to children to soothe them when they’re restless. They get used to the idea of having something in their mouth, which leads to thumb sucking. Sucking on pacifiers is also known to deform the milk teeth of children and the same happens when their permanent teeth start growing out.

When children lose their milk teeth, they then begin tongue thrusting. They constantly apply pressure to the new tooth that’s growing, causing it to grow crooked.

But there’s hope!

Having misaligned teeth isn’t a major problem and can be easily corrected. Get your children into the habit of visiting the dentist regularly. That way they won’t be afraid of visiting a dental clinic when you notice their teeth coming in crooked and when they need teeth straightening treatment.

Dental treatments to consider

There are various teeth straightening treatments for your children.A dentist will take some impressions of your child’s bite as well as x-rays to determine the best course of action.


Serial Extraction

In some cases, tooth pulling can help the rest of the teeth settle in well. Dentists pull some baby teeth to make room for the permanent teeth to grow in straight.


The traditional method to straighten teeth is braces. Plastic brackets are attached to the teeth and held together by wire and rubber bands. Over time, these pull the teeth back into alignment. The duration for treatment varies depending on how severe the misalignment is.


A headgear is a form of braces and is worn around the head to correct jaw misalignment. This treatment is rarely recommended today as dentists are able to perform other procedures to help correct the bite. In more severe cases, however, this may be the only option available.


Appliances come in removable and fixed form. They fit into the child’s mouth to move the teeth and reposition the jaw. Appliances are fitted as preparation for braces. It helps bring the teeth into position for permanent braces.

A consultation with a dentist will help you choose the best treatment option for your child. If you’re looking for a dentist in Woodland Hills, CA to straighten your child’s teeth, get in touch with us at West Hills Smiles. Call (818) 346-4303 for more information about our services.