How Crooked Teeth Are Affecting Your Life

More than just your appearance, crooked teeth affect your life. The way people perceive you depends upon your appearance. A 2017 study published in the International Journal of Dentistry found that children and youngsters with crooked teeth have lower self-esteem.

Teeth that do not appear appealing to others may affect your overall confidence and health. This post discusses the ways misaligned teeth can affect someone’s life.

Some Ways Misaligned Teeth Can Impact Your Life

Grinding Teeth

Many health issues can arise from malocclusion, a term used for crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth prompt tooth grinding, leading to jaw and teeth damage. Further continuation of grinding causes bruxism, leading to tooth breakage, tooth pain, and headache. Temporomandibular disorders may also appear due to bruxism, resulting in muscle problems in the dental joints and jaws. They cause jaw mobility problems, chewing issues, and unbearable ear pain.

Tooth Decay and Tooth Loss

A dangerous consequence of misaligned teeth is tooth decay. The reason is lack of flossing and regular teeth brushing. Moreover, normal brushes find it hard to reach places where food might be stuck.

Different issues related to misaligned teeth may additionally harm the teeth and become prone to cavities. At times, the teeth may also drop out due to frequent grinding.loose teeth

Ongoing Health Problems

Dental problems, particularly gum issues and tooth decay, are hazardous for genuine medical conditions unrelated to the mouth. Briefly, oral infections and problems may further escalate chronic medical conditions.

Individuals with dental problems might be more prone to Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Untreated cavities causing tooth abscesses can be threatening for your health, even your life.

Poor Mental Health

Your smile is a crucial part of your appearance. Young people, as well as adults with slanted teeth, may battle with low confidence. Crooked teeth may shatter their confidence in social situations, while dental issues have also prompted online harassment of teenagers. This can influence their public life, mental prosperity, and their ability to form relationships.

Monetary Issues

Getting a crooked tooth fixed is not pocket-friendly as it costs thousands of dollars. Due to its high cost, many tend to ignore it. However, quick action to address dental issues before they become a bigger nuisance can also save you from extensive expenses down the line.

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