How Dental Implants Can Improve Quality of Life

Dental implants are one of the most popular dental care treatments in the world. The treatment involves the replacement of missing teeth by employing a minute Titanium post that serves as the root of the tooth.

Titanium is selected as the base for the dental implant because of its bio-compatibility that allows the post to fuse with the tooth bone and form an anchor.

According to a research study, dental implants positively impact the patient’s quality of life. Let’s explore the different ways in which dental implants can enhance the quality of your life.

1.     Physical Appearance

Patients fitted with tooth dentures often feel that they don’t look good. Regardless of the type of denture, appearance-related issues arise because of how dentures fit over the gums and surround the teeth. In other words, the overall look of the fitting is not pleasing to the eye.

On the contrary, dental implants impregnate deep into the gums, after which restorations are attached to the dental implants. This makes the new tooth look almost the same as the other teeth. In other words, dental implants blend well with natural teeth to give a consistent look.

2.     Mental Comfort

Missing teeth can also lead to tremendous mental discomfort and stress. This is because of the subconscious that keeps reminding the frailties in your smile and overall appearance. People who have missing teeth suffer because of this mentality.

On the other hand, dental plants provide psychological comfort and relief when the patients realize that their new tooth is unnoticeable and adjusts well with other healthy teeth.

Patient being assessed for dental implant

3.     Functional Enhancement

Perhaps the biggest enhancement noticed by patients is in their daily functioning. Before the dental implants, patients find tremendous difficulties in speaking and eating because teeth play a crucial role in these actions.

Even dentures are also unable to offer improvements that are as effective as those provided by dental implants. This is because poorly-fitted dentures have the possibility of slipping while you are eating or talking.

In contrast, dental implants are fitted deeply into the roots so that the new tooth remains intact when you use your mouth.

Improved functionality with a dental implant

4.     Reduced Physical Pain

Missing teeth usually leads to mouth pain. If effective dental care solutions, such as dental implants, are not used, the severity of pain will be too much for the body to bear.

Moreover, dentures apply the chewing and biting force on the gums that may lead to pain, irritation, and soreness in the healthy teeth as they would have to handle additional forces.

Dental implants ensure that the distribution of forces inside the mouth is uniform so that the teeth support one another and exert force on the jawbone. This minimizes the physical pain felt during chewing and speaking.

5.     Boost Self-Confidence

Since dental implants allow the new teeth to align together with the healthy teeth, it feels as if there was no missing tooth present in the first place. This relieves the patient of avoiding smiling in public and keeping limited face-to-face interactions with other people.

In this way, patients who have undergone dental implant procedures can smile, walk and talk with confidence. Self-esteem is regained, and mental health improves, ensuring an overall positive outlook of the patient.

6.     Time-Saving

Another useful way dental implants enhance the quality of life is by keeping the patient away from the hassle of lengthy cleaning procedures, messy adhesives, and longer waiting periods between dentist appointments.

With the successful operation of dental implants, patients can save a lot of time and distribute it evenly between their routine activities. As a result, patients would be able to maintain a good work-life balance, and this would ultimately lead to a substantial improvement in their quality of life.

7.     Escape From Premature Aging

If natural teeth are missing and dental implants are not applied, there will be no source of stimulus to the jaw bone, and it will start to resorb. Resorption involves the breakdown of older bones during the bone growth cycle, and this poses many undesirable side effects.

Premature aging is one of the worst side effects of jaw bone resorption, and it involves the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, diminished cheekbones, and skin sagging along the chin, lips, and neck.

With the help of dental implants, stimulation of jaw bone is achieved, and it does not resorb. Therefore, premature aging is prevented, which would otherwise lower the quality of life rapidly.

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