How to Deal with Dental Anxiety Before Root Canal Treatments

For many people, visiting a dentist is a horrifying idea. And while no one finds it “fun” to have tools in their mouth, it can become a full-blown panic attack for those who have a deep-seated fear.

Drilling and other procedures during a root canal treatment are especially fear-inducing. Then there’s also the scary ‘hook’ that’s used to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth. And let’s not forget your attempts at communication with your dentist while their hands and tools are still inside your oral cavity.

First things first, you’re not alone. According to a report by the Dental Fears Research Clinic, five to eight percent of the American population is scared to go for dental visits. The research further stated that 20% of Americans don’t see a dentist until the situation worsens.

If your upcoming root canal treatment is giving you nightmares already, use these tactics to deal with your anxieties.

Pinpoint Your Fear

To be able to overcome fear, it’s important to first accept that it exists and identify its origin.

Many people hide behind excuses when asked to go for dental checkups, which makes them unable to face their fear. To do so, ask yourself: Is it the needles and dental injections that frighten you? Or is it a fear of suffocation during the procedure? Whatever the reason, you’ll only be able to overcome it if you get to the root (pun intended) of it.

Learn About the Tools

If a box full of strange-looking metal tools gets you running before the procedure even begins, you’re in the same boat as 75% of Americans. To put yourself at ease, arrange a meeting with your dentist before the procedure and learn the purpose of each tool. This will make them look less frightening and intimidating during your root canal treatment.

Stay in Control of the Situation

Pick a good dentist who can communicate the entire procedure to you and asks for permission before they put tools inside your mouth. Agree on non-verbal signals with your dentist so you can indicate when something bothers you during the procedure.

This will help your dentist know when to take a break. You can also bring someone with you who isn’t scared of dental visits. This person can speak on your behalf when you can’t, adding to your ease and enhancing your control of the situation.

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