Preventing Tooth Decay: 5 Habits You Can Change Now

Tooth decay is fairly common, especially among small children. But preventing it isn’t as hard as you imagine. With a few changes in your daily habits, you can significantly reduce your child’s chances of getting tooth decay.

Brushing Once a Day Is Never Enough

You’ve probably been hearing of this one since forever. But the importance of brushing twice a day can never be undermined. While the vast majority of people brush their teeth in the morning (hopefully), many skip it at night. Food accumulated in your teeth can cause tooth decay. So, it’s important to brush well before you go to bed.

Don’t Skip Flossing

While brushing your teeth (twice a day) is absolutely necessary, it isn’t enough to clean food particles stuck between your teeth. That’s where floss comes in. According to the American Dental Association, flossing should be an essential part of your daily routine.

Don’t Use the Same Tooth Brush for More Than Two Months

Many people are guilty of this. It’s important to change your toothbrush regularly (every two months, to be precise), especially if you’ve been sick and your toothbrush is placed closer to other people’s toothbrushes. If the bristles of your toothbrush are frayed, it probably won’t be able to clean your teeth properly. The long-term result of this can be tooth decay.

A man and a child brushing their teeth

Eat Healthy

It’s no secret that you need to eat the right foods to maintain good oral health. It’s best to avoid eating too much sugar—replace it with foods rich in fiber. Replace juices with fruits, and add servings of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and milk to your daily diet.

Don’t Skip Your Regular Visit to the Dentist

It’s strongly recommended you visit a dentist once every six months. A dentist can help minimize damage to your teeth. For instance, if you have plaque building up, a dentist can remove it before it turns into a cavity. A regular visit to the dentist can go a long way in keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

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