Bio-Compatible Dentistry

Bio-Compatible Dentistry In Woodland Hills, CA

Dr. Mike Salekian and the whole team at West Hills Smiles near Woodland Hills, CA are ardent supporters of bio-compatible dentistry. The main idea behind bio-compatible dentistry is that toxic, unnatural materials should be avoided at all costs, especially when these products have a negative effect on our dental and physiological health.

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Why Bio-compatible Dentistry?

Our culture is increasingly aware of the additives and chemicals we introduce to our bodies—no matter if it is in our toiletries and makeup, the food we eat, or the air we breathe. The dentists here at West Hills Smiles and those who support bio-compatible dentistry in Woodland Hills, CA believe this same attention should be paid to what’s used in dental work.

Amalgam Fillings and Mercury Content

Right now, the primary concern of bio-compatible dentists is silver-colored amalgam fillings. These are about 50% mercury, an element that is well-known to be toxic. Doctors and scientists are aware that mercury leaks into the body through these fillings, though it’s not agreed on what the chemical’s effect is on the body. Nonetheless, dentists like Dr. Mike Salekian in Woodland Hills believe that there are more biologically-friendly alternatives that allow us to bypass mercury fillings altogether. After all, why risk introducing mercury into our bodies when we know it has a detrimental effect on the environment and in high doses?

Bio-compatible Fillings

West Hills Smiles near Woodland Hills, CA presents many bio-compatible dentistry options that are favorable to mercury amalgam, both in terms of composition and performance. The first—composite resin—is a completely metal-free and tooth-colored filling that works perfectly for less intensive dental work, such as cavities. It bonds directly and quickly to the tooth, which allows for a quicker and less invasive application than the old amalgam fillings.

Secondly, Dr. Mike Salekian use porcelain ceramic restorations for teeth with more extensive damage. Both porcelain and composite resin have been found to be longer lasting than amalgam fillings. They also don’t carry the negative consequences of mercury fillings, including recurrent tooth decay and potentially tooth-cracking expansion over time.

Should I Have My Fillings Replaced?

The scientific community hasn’t reached a consensus on this issue yet. The FDA has currently rules that amalgam fillings are safe for those over the age of 6, though scientists (including the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) and some governments strongly dispute their use. The latter groups decry mercury’s effects on the environment and on the body (which many believe accumulates in our systems over time).

If your amalgam fillings currently show no sign of wear, West Hills Smiles won’t necessarily recommend replacement. Nonetheless, if you’re concerned about the future or current effects of mercury on your health, then the Woodland Hills dentists here will gladly replace your fillings with a metal-free alternative. We can’t stand by bio-compatible dentistry techniques enough; they’re healthier, better for the environment, more aesthetically pleasing, and perform better on the whole. Because of this, West Hills Smiles also offers replacement as part of our anti-aging dentistry techniques, as many consider the amalgam fillings to be dated.

Amalgam Replacement in Woodland Hills, CA

Your amalgam replacement procedure will be performed with the highest regard for your health and in our disposal techniques in order to not introduce unnecessary and harmful mercury into the environment. Proper suction and water use—as well as physical guards for dentist and patient alike—will offset any preventable introduction of mercury into the body.

As scientists continue to learn more about bio-compatible dentistry, the issues may cover more than amalgam fillings and their health effects. Your local West Hills dentist at West Hills Smiles, whether it’s Dr. Mike Salekian will always offer the most recent and healthiest bio-compatible materials possible. Simply call us at (818) 346 4303 to schedule your appointment today!

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