Custom Sports & Night Mouth Guards

Custom Sports & Night Mouth Guards In Woodland Hills, CA

Sports Mouth Guards in Woodland Hills, CA

Athletes that do not use a protective sports mouth guard are 60 times more likely to receive trauma to their mouth and teeth according to a study conducted by the National Youth Sports Foundation. That is a huge number of unnecessary dental procedures that could have easily been avoided. While there are many generic sports mouth guards available, these are not the most effective option available since they still leave room for issues to occur. The best bet is to get a custom sports guard made by your Woodland Hills, CA dentist using an imprint of your mouth. The snug fit will reduce the impacts that can occur and will help prevent many dental injuries and the costs associated with them.

Custom Night Guards in Woodland Hills, CA

Even non-athletes can benefit from a custom mouth guard. Night grinding is an issue that affects many people. Have you woken up with a headache or with jaw pain? This can stem from involuntary grinding of the teeth while sleeping, which can lead to chips, cracks or even severely worn down teeth.

While it can be very difficult to stop the inadvertent grinding that can occur, a custom night guard can act as a soft cushion in the mouth that absorbs the pressure put on the teeth due to the grinding motion. This can help the jaw rest a bit, and for some people it may even help prevent snoring by aligning the jaw in a more correct position.

A simple mouth guard can save you money and hassle due to sports injuries and can help you and your partner have a much better night’s sleep.

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