Laser Gum Reshaping

Laser Gum Reshaping In Woodland Hills, CA

For those that are unhappy with their smile due to gums that that rest too high or low on your teeth, Laser Gum Reshaping is an option we offer in our West Hills, CA, 91307 dental office to correct it. Many people take wonderful care of their teeth but do not smile as much as they should because their gums make it look like their teeth are smaller than they actually are.

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Why Laser Gum Reshaping?

While many people elect to have laser gum reshaping for cosmetic reasons, there are also practical uses for the procedure. Sometimes when a crown is placed too close to the gum line, the gum can start to grow over the crown. In some instances, there can be larger issues associated with the gum that may require additional treatment. This is common when the gum is receding as opposed to growing over a tooth.

Laser Technology for Gum Shaping Procedures

In the past, more invasive surgical options were required to correct the look of the gums. As technology has advanced, we at West Hills Smiles near Woodland Hills, CA embrace those changes that can help our patients. Breakthroughs in laser technology have allowed the process of gum reshaping to be done quicker, easier and with no pain.

A laser works by using high energy lights to remove excess gum tissue. The laser also aids in clotting, so there is no bleeding during the process and no painful stitches to worry about. The procedure can now be done without anesthesia.

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