Teledentistry: Everything You Need To Know

Teledentistry gained in the 20th century thanks to the emergence of video chatting and telephones. However, people discovered the need and importance of teledentistry at the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic hit the entire globe and dental facilities began to shut down.

Teledentistry allows people to get urgent medical assistance in case of accidents and helps people who may not be able to go to a dentist’s office due to age-related or health concerns to get treatment in the comfort of their homes. Let us discuss how teledentistry works according to the top dentist at the Woodland Hills Dental Care facility.

How Does Teledentistry Work?

Teledentistry enables dentists to assist patients outside of a dental care facility. Teledentistry, as the name implies, allows dentists to communicate with patients through telecommunication.

Dentists can connect with their patients through phone or video calls during teledentistry sessions and, if necessary, prescribe pain relief medication or treatment in emergencies. Teledentistry makes regular dental examinations and follow-ups easier and more convenient for patients and practitioners. Here are the two common types of teledentistry:

  • Synchronous teledentistry allows patients to engage with dentists in real-time. A pre-scheduled video conference with the doctor is an example
  • Asynchronous teledentistry allows patients to communicate information with their dentists, such as recorded videos, x-rays, and images, without having to schedule an appointment

What Are The Benefits Of Teledentistry?

Teledentistry offers various benefits and allows dental practitioners to connect with patients with busy lifestyles, irregular schedules, or health conditions that keep them from visiting the dentist clinic regularly. Here are a few other advantages of Teledentistry according to the top west hills ca dentist:

  • Saves patients from making unnecessary trips to the dental clinic for follow-ups, routine appointments, or post-op checkups
  • An affordable option for patients who cannot afford the costs of a face-to-face checkup with a dentist. Moreover, it can help people who live far from their dentist’s clinic save money on travel expenses
  • Life-saver in dental emergencies where a patient requires immediate guidance from a dentist
  • Free up chair time and allow more patients with more severe conditions or individuals with dental emergencies to have rapid medical treatment
  • Saves the patients time that would have otherwise wasted in traveling to the clinic and waiting for their turn
  • Patients who have dentophobia or are afraid of coming to a dental clinic can feel more relaxed and have dental appointments in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by supportive loved ones
  • Patients with Covid or similar communicable diseases can seek medical treatment without putting the dental staff or other patients in danger of catching their illness.

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Now that you know how Teledentistry works and its several benefits, it’s time to inquire your dentist about Teledentistry appointments.

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