The Link between Dental Procedures and Anti-Aging

Getting a permanent treatment for your teeth is more beneficial in the long run than getting BOTOX for your skin. Many people assume that anti-aging dental procedures are invasive, but technological advancements have given way to the development of non-invasive dental procedures that can effectively reverse the age of your smile.

Anti-aging dentistry is a great alternative to plastic surgeries and dermatological solutions that have a number of side effects. These procedures are aimed at providing the smile lift without putting your face under the knives.

In this blog, we’ll cover the affects of teeth on overall facial structure, particularly in aging adults.

Impact of Teeth and Dental Health on the Facial Structure

As we age, our skin stops producing elastin and collagen—the two fibers support the skin, keeping it firm and tight. When our skin loses the support and firmness, our smile becomes more wrinkly and saggy. Because of low cheek fat, it may even seem hollowed every time you smile or laugh.

Just like the skin, your teeth get old too. Over time, they deteriorate as they are subjected to wear and tear by natural process and external factors. Often times, they’re so damaged that you’re required to go for a tooth removal. Most people don’t realize that teeth are the supporting structure for the lower half of the mouth. As the teeth age and deteriorate the support system making up for that perfect smile—also collapses.

How Aging Affects Your Teeth


For years, our teeth are subjected to improper health care, rigorous tooth brushing, bacterial growth, food color stains, night grinding, injuries, and so much more. All this, natural aging and wear and tear can significantly affect the size, alignment, color, and shape of your teeth.

Many people wonder how dental health can impact their facial appearance and smile. Here are some ways how it happens:

  • Your teeth are the support system for your mouth and lips. When the teeth go inward because of aging, the support collapses and the lips begin to look shrunk and uneven.
  • As we grow older, our jawbone becomes thinner, making our otherwise attractive smile look less full, vibrant, and youthful.
  • Our incisal embrasures change as we grow older. This leads to formation of wrinkles on the V-shaped corner that makes the smile look more fresh and vibrant.

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