These 4 Foods Are Ruining Your Teeth

The food we eat directly affects our dental health because it is our first point of contact. Some foods and beverages may be healthy for us, while others threaten our oral hygiene, increasing our visits to the dentist. If left unattended, small cavities could lead to serious issues like decay, tooth erosion, and even gum disease.

1. Sugar beverages and soda

Soda, sweet beverages, coffee, and energy drinks contain many negative health effects on your oral health. This category of drinks promotes weight gain, insulin resistance, and pulmonary diseases.

Beverages and sodas damage your oral health because they are acidic and provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth that feed on sugar release an acid that breaks down tooth enamel and damages oral health.

A glass with alcohol at a party



2. Candy and chocolate

Fructose corn syrup used in candy damages teeth, promotes cavity growth, and weakens oral health. Excessive candy intake also increases the chances of diabetes, an illness that increases the healing period of oral and other bodily diseases. Too much sugar also causes oxidative stress and gum inflammation which damages gum tissue.

3. White bread and starch-filled foods

White bread and white rice are refined carbohydrates that contribute to poor oral hygiene. Starchy foods such as potato chips also have the same effect on your teeth as the sugar intake increases bacteria fermentation activity, eroding the tooth enamel. Starch is also a sticky substance that increases sugar affinity with teeth, keeping it there longer and hence accelerating the risk of cavities.

4. Fruit desserts and juices

Too much fruit juice damages teeth, even if it is pure. Fruit juice contains acidic content that attacks tooth enamel and weakens gum health, especially in children. The same is true for fruit pops and other snacks and desserts that are packed with sugar and can easily be considered an enemy of healthy teeth and gums.

Many food categories, such as sugary snacks, hard foods, and alcoholic beverages, pose a threat to healthy gums and teeth. Visiting a dentist once every six months can help identify any minor or major issues that need fixing before they get out of hand.

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