3 Health Problems your Dentist can Spot

In case of a tooth ache, we either seek help from Google or our locally available painkiller. What people don’t realize is that self medication often causes more harm than good. According to the US National Library of Medicine, self medication mostly leads to improper diagnosis. Discomfort in mouth can mean a lot more than what Google can tell you.

What alternative do we suggest?

Your mouth holds a lot of secrets than just tooth decay. Here are a few health problems which only an expert dentist can help you identify:

Heart Problems

Can poor oral hygiene lead to cardiovascular diseases?

According to the American Dental Association, your mouth acts as a window and helps a dentist see through your entire health. It also states that the bacteria which caused you tooth decay might travel further to the blood vessels and affect the circulatory system. If your gums have become red, swollen, tender, or they bleed, you need to consult a dentist. Periodontal diseases i.e. gum diseases can be the cause of heart problems which can become fatal if left untreated. Examples are a heart attack and a stroke.


The ADA says that practicing dentists are able to diagnose diabetes very often. Diabetes is a disease which is categorized by high levels of glucose in the blood stream. One of the symptoms of diabetes is numbness in tongue and lips and a dry mouth. While someone may associate these symptoms with poor oral hygiene, your dentist can help you see the problem at large.

Oral Cancer

Swelling or discomfort in jaws is not only confined to an oral hygiene issue. While we think we’re unable to move our jaws or our tongue feels numb because of tooth decay, the reason could be worse—Oral Cancer.

If any of these symptoms persist for two or more weeks, you shouldn’t hesitate in consulting a dentist immediately. Your dentist will not only prescribe appropriate tests but will help you get to the root cause of the symptoms.

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