5 Foods That Damage your Teeth

You brush your teeth with reliable fluoride toothpaste thrice a day. You also take time out for regular flossing. That expensive mouthwash of yours guarantees better oral hygiene.

But, you still suffer from toothache every now and then. Why is it that none of these oral health measures are helping you? What did you miss?

Your diet!  

You can develop tooth ache even if your teeth are regularly brushed—if you’re not avoiding the foods that cause damage. Here’s a list of foods you need to stay away from for healthier teeth:


Let’s get this straight. A food item doesn’t have to contain sugar to be harmful for teeth. Most people love chewing ice. The purpose of an ice cube is to chill your drinks, not to be eaten. According to the American Dental Association, ice can make your teeth crack!

Fizzy Drinks

Overconsumption of carbonated drinks weakens your tooth enamel. Drinking sodas are highly acidic in nature which makes them more harmful than sugary foods. It’s also a common misconception that diet sodas are healthier than the regular ones. Truth is, these sodas carry just the same amount of harmful acids.


According to the CDC, there is no body organ that isn’t affected by alcohol. Teeth are also on the list.

For better oral health, you need to cut down on the alcohol for all three reasons:

  • It’s sweet
  • It’s acidic
  • It dehydrates your mouth.

A dry mouth means reduced saliva flow. This leads to cavities, gum-related diseases, and swelling in the mouth.

Sweet Candies

Sweet Candies

With high levels of sugars, candies put your teeth at a grave risk. Hard candies are even more harmful since they stay in contact with your gums for longer periods of time. The ones to get affected the most by candies are very obviously kids!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar in its undiluted form is very acidic and can erode your tooth’s enamel. It’s generally perceived to be beneficial for the health but don’t forget to dilute it. Also, rinse your mouth with water after you’ve had apple cider vinegar.

Healthier teeth mean happier you!

While you must stay away from foods that affect your teeth, it’s also essential to seek dental treatment when required.

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