3 Reasons Your Breath Smells When You Wear A Face Mask

Wearing a face mask these days is a necessity. While the coronavirus may not be spreading as fast as it was a few months ago, it is still a threat to our lives and those around us. Wearing a face mask blocks the spread of germs, but can also be a bit of a nuisance, especially if you struggle with bad breath. Constant bad breath is a sign of bad oral hygiene. However, there are three easy things you can do to overcome it.

Basic Dental Hygiene:

The most common cause for bad breath is the neglect of basic oral hygiene. By basic oral hygiene, we mean brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing after meals, or at the end of the day. Flossing is especially important because it dislodges the bacteria that’s stuck between your teeth that may be causing the foul smell in your mouth. You should ideally brush your tongue too. The back of your tongue is where most of the bacteria is, so make sure you brush all the way to the back.

A woman brushing her teeth.

Use an Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash:

The reason for bad breath is an increased amount of bacteria building up in your mouth. Basic dental hygiene is important for this, but if you still experience bad breath, an anti-bacterial mouthwash should do just the trick. Ideally, mouthwash that contains cetylpyridinium chloride or chlorhexidine is best for killing bacteria that causes bad odor.

The best time to use anti-bacterial mouth wash is right before bed, so that there is no unnecessary build of bacteria in your mouth as you sleep, and as soon as you wake up, so you have a fresh mouth all day.

Visit a Dentist for Halitosis Treatment:

If, despite trying these things, you still experience bad breath, the reason could be halitosis. This is a medical condition that makes bad breath chronic and is usually caused due to other illnesses, such as diseases of the mouth, teeth, or gums, heart disease, lung issues, or tonsil stones. It can also be caused by excessive smoking or sinus. If any of these conditions apply to you and you can’t seem to get rid of bad breath, we’d suggest booking an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

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