4 Foods That Are Ruining Your Pearly Whites!

Though often overlooked, it’s important to understand that your oral health is a major part of your overall health. Healthy teeth are integral to your wellbeing. Not only do our teeth allow us to chew comfortably, they also add beauty to our smile. In order to maintain your teeth, it’s important for you to invest time and energy into their care. Everyone desires white teeth— those pearly whites— but you’ve got to do your part to get them.

Your diet plays an important role in this, and it can really make or break the health and overall appearance of your teeth.

Below we will discuss some foods that are ruining your pearly whites:

1. Sour Candy

It’s a no-brainer that candy is bad for your teeth. You’ve been taught that since you were a kid. However, note that sour candy, in particular, contains certain types of acids that are more harmful to your teeth than normal candy.

Sour candy is also chewy in nature and tends to stick onto your teeth for longer, and this increases your chances of developing tooth decay. Consider eating a block of chocolate instead next time you’re craving a sugar rush. You can chew and wash it away quickly!

2. Bread

Now we understand we all love our bread, but it’s important to know the facts. When you consume bread, your saliva ends up breaking down the starches into sugar and turns them into a pasty substance. Because of this, the bread stays stuck between the crevices of your teeth, leading to potential cavities.


Consider opting for less-refined types of bread to minimize the effects. Whole wheat bread can be a great alternative.

3. Coffee

In its most natural form, coffee can actually be a healthy beverage choice, given you add the least amount of sugar and cut back on high calories additives. Caffeinated coffee can lead to dry mouth and teeth staining.


If coffee is a must-have for you, then you might want to consider drinking plenty of water after it to keep your mouth hydrated. Cut back on the sugar too.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is the main cause behind dehydration and dry mouth. When consumed excessively, alcohol reduces the flow of saliva and this can result in tooth decay and potentially, gum disease. Consuming large amounts of alcohol also make you more susceptible to developing mouth cancer.


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