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A Guide to Help You Quit Smoking

According to a 2018 study, approximately 70 percent of American smokers showed a willingness to quit smoking. Although the success rates are low and many individuals relapse, it’s said that with proper planning, determination, and support from those around you, you can quit smoking in a few attempts.

Quitting cigarettes is not an easy or quick process. It takes days or weeks for smokers to get over the nicotine withdrawal symptoms, fight off anxiety, and finally be able to throw out all their cigarettes for good. But if you have made the decision, then this is the first step to success.

And after all, smoking has various drawbacks. From dental care troubles to severe issues such as lung cancers, tobacco is our health’s worst enemy.

So if you have decided to quit smoking and need help, then here are some tips to help you.

Know Your Goals

Some people quit smoking to protect their families from passive smoking side effects. Others do it to improve their quality of life and reduce risks such as lung cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Whatever your reasons are, keep them in mind to stay motivated through the quitting journey.

Set a Date

Most smokers choose to go cold turkey when quitting smoking. However, dentists in West Hills advise setting a date, planning in advance, and then smoking your last cigarette a day prior. This will help you better prepare for what’s to come.

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Try Nicotine Replacement

Nicotine replacement therapy is said to have a positive impact on those trying to quit smoking. If you’re keen to learn about it, talk to a doctor about nicotine gums or patches.

Keep Reiterating Your Goals

Once you have quit smoking, make sure to keep reiterating your resolution. Avoid secondhand smoke, avoid the triggers, and talk to your family and friends to seek support.

Visit Your Dentist

There’s some evidence that suggests that a dentist can also offer support to smokers trying to quit smoking. You can visit your nearest dental clinic for an oral examination to further motivate yourself about the health benefits of quitting smoking.

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