Five Dental Emergencies that Require Immediate Attention from Your Dentist

Dental emergencies are never pleasant and, in most cases, turn into bigger than what you’re expecting them to be. A bleeding gum, toothache, or chipped tooth are not some of the situations that can be fixed with at-home dental care. In most cases, visiting a dentist is the best thing to do, even on the side of caution.

So if you’re not sure what dental emergencies are and which situation calls for an immediate visit to the dentist, then here’s the blog you should read today. Read below to find out five dental emergencies that seek immediate dental treatments.

Tooth Ache

If you have been tolerating toothache for a few hours and hoping it will go away on its own, you’re wrong. In fact, the longer you will let the pain stay, the more chance it becomes a bigger tooth problem. So your best bet is to visit immediately after you start feeling pain in your teeth.

Tooth Injury

Tooth injuries are rare but can happen to anyone. A tooth injury can also lead to avulsion which is quite a scary and painful tooth emergency. Make sure to connect with your dentist in West Hills if you suffer an accident, trauma, or blow that causes your tooth to injure.

A patient at the dental clinic

Gum Bleeding

We often consider gum bleeding as a usual occurrence and don’t pay attention to it. This is not only a dangerous practice but can also negatively impact your oral health with lifelong consequences. If you’re among the 63 percent of Americans who visit dentists once a year, it’s better not to ignore gum bleeding and make an inception in case of this dental emergency.

Abscess or Infection

Abscess or mouth infections are quite common and can happen due to various reasons. However, it’s a dental emergency that immediately needs attention from your dentist. An abscess build-up in the mouth can start showing signs with a toothache, so as said earlier, never ignore a toothache and visit your dental clinic at the earliest!

Loss of Crown, Braces, or Tooth

Do you have a dental implant, crown, or braces that fit into your mouth? If you accidentally lose any such dental equipment, it’s wise to immediately visit a dental clinic within 24 hours. And in case you lose a permanent tooth, immediately visiting the dentist can help you save it.

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