A World of Pain! Is It Sinus Pain or Tooth Ache?

Are you experiencing relentless headaches, and you’re not sure what’s causing it? We’ve got you covered. Research has shown that 33 percent of unplanned dental visits are owing to pain in the mouth.

It’s all too natural to confuse sinus pain with a toothache or vice versa, especially when they’re connected. Here’s how you can tell whether the pain you’re feeling is from a sinus infection or toothache.

Sinusitis & Toothache

If your nasal passages are inflamed, it’s likely due to a common cold, influenza or upper respiratory infection. Your nasal passages can also become swollen because of allergies or blockage of fluid flow inside your nose. The increase of pressure in inflamed or clogged sinuses causes pain when your allergies act up. But how is it connected to your teeth?

The roots of your upper back teeth are positioned near the maxillary sinus, so if fluid collects in this spot, it can put weight on the nerves that go into the roots of your teeth. This pressure that builds up in your head causes you pain, making it seem like it’s a toothache when it’s not.

Symptom Check

Your top teeth may be aching if you have a sinus condition, so make sure you check your symptoms. If you have a sinus infection, you may experience swelling, pain, a sour taste in the mouth, redness in your gums and fever.

If your nasal passages are inflamed, you may have a runny or blocked nose, sore throat or cough, pounding pain behind your cheekbones, earache, headache, fever or intensified pain while nodding your head.

If your toothache has to do with your sinus, you may experience discomfort on both sides of your face. You can try pressing down on your tooth to check the source of this pain. If you don’t feel an instant, intense agony, it’s more likely pressure in your nasal passages.

A woman suffering from a headache

History Exam

You may have a history of suffering from toothaches with sinus infections, which may assist in your diagnosis. Some people are vulnerable to sinus infections following a change in season so if you’re one of those, keep a record of your symptoms so you can establish the right treatment with your doctor.

Visit Your Dentist

If the pain pertains to sinus inflammation, it may stop after a couple of days. But consistent tooth pain can be related to tooth grinding, cavities, gum disease or tooth abscess. Another possibility may be that your toothache is unrelated to your sinus infection, so seeing your dentist can help you determine the source of the pain.

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