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Advantages Of Sedation Dentistry

Have you recently learned about sedation dentistry and are curious to know how well it would work for you? Sedation dentistry is a kind of conscious sedation commonly used for patients exhibiting anxiety or panic at the prospect of a dental procedure. If you find yourself getting anxious or have an active gag reflex, you should speak with your dental care specialist about sedation dentistry and what your options are.

Here are a few advantages of sedation dentistry you should know about:

Moderating Dental Anxiety

Perhaps the most talked about feature of sedation dentistry is its usage among people exhibiting dental anxiety. So, if you’re stressed at the prospect of your upcoming dental procedure, it’ll be worthwhile to bring up what your options for sedation are with your dentist.

The sedative works by inducing a relaxed, almost sleep-like state, which depending on your anxiety levels, will keep you either semi-conscious or mostly unconscious. The dosage of sedation is usually tapered according to the discomfort levels of the patient, so make sure to speak with your dentist before sedation is administered.

Dentist’s Job Made Easier

Another major advantage of sedation dentistry is that it simplifies Dental Treatment Calabasas and procedures for dentists. This means that if you’ve been sedated, your dentist can work faster and with a lot more efficiency, which ultimately cuts the time you’ll stay sedated.

While sedation dentistry is considered safe for most patients, more research is still ongoing to determine if it can have any side effects that haven’t yet been accounted for. That’s why our priority at West Hills Smiles is to reduce the time you spend under sedation to minimize any possible risks.

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Minimizing Gag-Reflex

In some patients, gag-reflex is quite active, making some dental procedures a complicated ordeal for them. If you’re aware of a dental treatment being administered, it might cause your gag reflex to expel whatever tools are down your throat, which can cause damage to your oral cavity.

But sedation dentistry can also take care of this! Once you’re relaxed, your gag reflex won’t be as active, allowing your dentist to examine you properly without putting you in harm’s way.

If you’ve got dental anxiety or other conditions that may require you to be sedated in a dentist’s chair, speak with our dental health experts at West Hills Smiles. We perform sedation for a variety of cosmetic and General Dentistry Services Calabasas in all our clinics. So, whether you live in Calabasas or Woodland Hills, you don’t have to compromise on your dental care.

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