Battling against Bad Breath – Is there a Permanent Solution?

No doubt, having bad breath (medical term: halitosis) can be quite embarrassing. But right now, what’s good is that you know you have bad breath. So at least this way, you know that it’s something that needs to be dealt with.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Halitosis is typically caused by bacteria or an infection in your mouth or nasal cavity. Although in most cases, the problem may be as simple as food particles getting stuck in between your teeth. This can usually be solved by following the basic dental care practices such as mouth rinsing, brushing and flossing.

However, if the problem is persistent, it indicates that you might have a bigger medical problem. Case in point, bad breath is also a sign that you could have gum disease. Caused by a buildup of bacteria and plaque, gum disease can lead to further, serious dental issues. So you may need to have your mouth checked out straightaway if you still have bad breath.

Another reason for bad breath is that you may suffer from a condition called dry mouth. In this situation, your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva, which plays a big role in keeping your mouth clean. As a result, your body isn’t able to naturally wash away the food particles that are left over in your mouth. They start to decompose, and this causes bad breath.

Finally, other causes of bad breath may include the use of certain medications that may lead to dry mouth, a recent oral surgery that may not have completely healed and the use of tobacco for chewing and smoking.

Treating Bad Breath

General Dentistry Services

For the occasional bouts of bad breath, the best solution is to brush your teeth and floss. Also, using an anti-bacterial mouthwash can work wonders. Alongside, drinking lots of water and chewing on gums that contain xylitol will most likely keep the bad breath at bay.

If you have persistent halitosis though, it’s best if you go to the dentist to find out. The only way to determine a permanent solution is by identifying what’s causing the bad breath in the first place. If its gum disease, your dentist will offer some surgical and non-surgical alternatives. They may also need to remove any broken crowns, fillings or other dental work that could have had a build-up of bacteria in it.

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