Benefits of Ceramic Crowns For Patients

Dental treatments have come a long way when considering patient safety and comfort. The field of dentistry employs everything from laser-assisted services to smile makeovers for their patients so they can lead confident, happy lives.

Ceramic crowns are a great example of dental innovation. They are durable, natural, and generally well-rounded when it comes to dental care treatments. This blog will discuss the many benefits of ceramic crowns that put them ahead of other alternatives.

Why Ceramic Crowns Are Better

1. Superior Resistance

Ceramic crowns have nearly the same resistance as their metallic counterparts. Thanks to technology, these materials may offer even more benefits than before. Ceramic crowns also offer more protection to your tooth underneath because they bear the brunt of impact much more efficiently.

If you have an implant or a dental bridge, a crown may be a good idea to stabilize either synthetic situation. The ceramic materials used to make a crown are quite resistant to wear and tear.

A dental technician creating a dental crown

2. Cosmetic Aesthetics

Perhaps the best part about a ceramic crown is its appearance. With ceramic crowns, dentists can quite easily achieve the shade of tooth their patient requires. This means that you do not have to worry about standing out after an RCT because the ceramic crown will match the color of your surrounding teeth.

Only the ceramic material can help achieve a look as natural as the human tooth. With fully-ceramic crowns, there is no underlying dark metal layer that needs to be veiled externally, giving it an edge over metal crowns.

3. Biocompatible

Advances in Cosmetic Dental Services West Hills have made it easier for the field of dentistry to consider overall patient health when working on just the mouth. When metal crowns are used, they pose a risk of allergies and infection, depending on the patient. However, as a responsible healthcare giver, a chance is too big a risk to take.

Ceramic crowns are biocompatible and, when done right, cause no problems in patients after dental treatments.

4. Lesser Loss

Ceramic crowns require much less natural tooth prepping when compared to other types of crowns. Dentists chip more of the tooth away to achieve greater translucence with metal crowns because of their multiple layers. However, because ceramic crowns are made of less many layers, you can save a greater percentage of your tooth.


The choice between picking ceramic or any other dental crowns is a no-brainer. Ceramic crowns are friendly to the human body, highly resistant, and naturally carry an aesthetic appeal. Unless you tell someone, we doubt someone can spot a ceramic replacement between your natural teeth when you smile.

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