Biocompatible Dentistry: The New Dental Philosophy

Ever have a crown that caused an infection? With Biocompatible dentistry, the chances of complications like this are reduced. This branch of dentistry is concerned with everything from your treatment to its aftereffects on your body.

Are the practices involved green and sustainable? Is the material used for fillings safe? Do any of the procedures have long-term effects on any other parts of your body? Biocompatible dentistry deals with issues such as these. Biocompatible dentists avoid invasive surgeries when safer, more natural alternatives are available.

Dental instruments arranged neatly in place

Biocompatible Dentistry Core Values

1. Hygiene and safety

Dental crowns and metal fillings have small parts of mercury on them. Mercury is not a safe metal for human beings; however, it is still sometimes used by dental care professionals.

Biocompatible dentistry ensures the use of much safer alternatives, like amalgam, where dental treatments are concerned. Reducing mercury-laced prosthetics by replacing them with biocompatible options ensures lesser chances of infections and reduces health risks for patients.

 2. Aesthetics

According to a survey, our teeth are the first thing people notice when they smile. With biocompatible dentistry, you can be sure to make a great first impression. Metal prosthetics and restorations may seem okay when you first receive them, but as time passes, it is easier to notice a dark border at the periphery of your gums.

Thanks to advancements in the field of dentistry, you can now ask your dentist for tooth-toned restorations that will enhance your smile. Tooth loss is a natural part of life, but its replacement does not have to be unreal. Biocompatible dentistry offers visually pleasing, durable, and high-quality solutions for your dental treatments.

3. Comfort

A beautiful smile feels and looks great at the same time. It is common for people to be bothered by dental restorations as they irritate soft oral tissue. A biocompatible dentist identifies potential problems before they arise and nips them in the bud. A good healthcare professional helps you get better without multiple visits, a major goal for biocompatible dentistry.

As technology advances, synthetic, unnatural processes and prosthetics are replaced with comfortable, aesthetic ones. More natural replacements such as composite and porcelain provide better bite pressure and a decreased risk of cracking or damage in the short run.

A patient smiles at her dentist after professional teeth whitening procedure


The rise of biocompatible dentistry is evidence of safer dental practices and procedures to provide safer and better alternatives to age-old treatments. At West Hills Smiles, we believe in the power of green practices for our patients. Our team of experts provides a range of services following the biocompatible philosophy of providing all-rounded healthy solutions to problems.

From experienced dentists and Professional Teeth Whitening West Hills to Emergency Dental Services West Hills, California, we value our customer’s needs and provide high-quality care. You can contact us to find out more about our clinic.