How Often You Should Visit A Dentist

To have a brilliant smile and the best oral hygiene, regular dentist visits are a must. According to research, you should visit a dentist at least twice a year. Not only will your dentist give you the best care you need for your teeth but will also tell you how to keep your teeth looking great until the next visit.

While it may seem tempting to take care of the problem on your own, certain issues require emergency dental services. Here are some signs that you need to visit a dentist immediately.

Bleeding Gums

A huge sign that it’s time to visit your dentist is if your gums bleed while brushing. This happens when there is plaque buildup, which usually accumulates at the base of your teeth. Your dentist can remove this buildup with the help of special tools.

If you don’t get plaque removed, it can harden into a substance called tartar and increase your chances of getting gingivitis. Not getting the plaque removed may cause bad breath and cavities as well.

It may also lead to periodontitis which in the long run can cause you to lose teeth. To avoid this, it’s best to visit your dentist for regular cleaning sessions.

Teeth Feel Loose

Loose teeth can indicate gum disease, so if you feel your teeth coming loose, you should schedule a dentist appointment immediately. Although injury can also cause your teeth to loosen, the most common cause is tooth-related diseases.

Dentist performs tooth whitening procedure on client

This is once again due to bacteria forming in between the teeth, causing gaps and tooth loss. Pregnant women may deal with loose teeth because of raised estrogen levels.

But luckily, this problem can be fixed with dental implants.

You Have A Toothache

You may think your toothache will go away on its own, but that’s unlikely. Things like tooth decay or infection can cause toothache. Instead of testing our home remedies, it’s best to schedule a dentist appointment when you have a toothache.

Apart from potential tooth problems, dealing with a toothache can be quite irritating, so you should get it checked right away. Here are just some other factors that may cause a toothache:

  • Broken or cracked tooth
  • Damaged tooth filling
  • A wisdom tooth is coming in
  • Inflammation in the pulp of your tooth

Mouth Is Always Dry

Dealing with a dry mouth at times is fine, but if it happens frequently, it can indicate a bigger problem. One of the causes of dry mouth is thrush, also known as a yeast infection. Some other signs of oral thrush are white patches inside the mouth and loss of taste.

This is often caused by the repeated use of antibiotics and some other medications. Visiting your dentist is a great way to combat oral thrush and keep it from returning.

Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

Still looking for reasons to make a dentist appointment? Here are a few benefits of regular dental care.

Detect Cavities Earlier

Sugary snacks like candy are comfort food for most of us. As delicious as they are, sugary foods are the main cause of tooth decay. Visiting your dentist frequently can help detect tooth decay before it causes inflammation and discomfort.

Blue toothbrush with toothpaste on it

Tooth decay can be fixed if caught early on, so if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity or discoloration, make sure to visit a dental clinic.

Keeps Your Smile Sparkly

A pearly white smile is considered attractive in many cultures, and you can easily achieve one by practicing good dental hygiene. Getting your teeth scaled and polished can help give your teeth a shinier look. There are also teeth whitening treatments that can give you a beautiful Hollywood smile.

By visiting your dentist, you can discuss different options for getting healthy white teeth. Such treatments are a great way to get a confidence boost.

Overall Good Dental Hygiene

There is more to oral hygiene than brushing twice daily and flossing. To keep your teeth in top shape, you should be using mouthwash and scraping your tongue as well. Your dentist can recommend good products to keep your teeth healthy, as well as brushing techniques.

If you face issues like bad breath or mouth sores, going to the dentist will help you find ways to combat them.

Keep Dental Diseases At Bay

It is estimated that over 47.2% of adults in the US have gum disease. Regular dental checkups are a good way to detect underlying gum diseases earlier. This can reduce your chances of permanent tooth damage in the long run.

When it comes to gum diseases, it’s always best to act quickly. Gum diseases can be treated with oral topicals or professional cleaning.

Helps Avoid Heart Diseases

Losing teeth isn’t the only bad thing about gum diseases. They can also increase your risk of getting heart diseases. By not practicing proper dental hygiene, you put your heart at risk of developing bacterial infections. These problems can also worsen as you grow older, which is why it’s so important to get your teeth checked regularly.

Studies also show that poor dental health can cause respiratory diseases in the long run.

A Good Dentist Is The Key To A Dazzling Smile

Whether you want to get a cleaning or cosmetic dental services, it’s always good to visit your dentist regularly. Your dental health greatly impacts your overall health, so make your appointment today.

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