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Post-Operative Dental Care Instructions

Following proper care instructions after any dental treatment is very important. In addition, following guidelines after oral surgery is critical to ensuring normal recovery and avoiding problems.

You should wait two hours following surgery before eating to allow the anesthetic to wear off. Attempting to eat before this could result in soft tissue damage because you won’t be able to feel your mouth. Following your surgery, the doctor or dental assistant will provide you with detailed advice on recovering appropriately.

Avoid Aspirin

It is common for the area to be sore for the first few days after surgery, but in most cases, over-the-counter pain relievers should be sufficient to alleviate any discomfort. Aspirin should be avoided since it thins the blood and can cause bleeding in the mouth.

Your doctor may prescribe pain medications in some circumstances. You can take these based on the instructions your surgeon gives.

Ensure Proper Care

Don’t rinse your mouth on the day of the operation, as it can cause bleeding and clots. Smoking or drinking via a straw can induce a dry socket, which can be uncomfortable. You should also ask your doctor what you should do when it comes to brushing and flossing as you heal.

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Take Care Of Your Diet And Routine

For the first two days, stick to soft foods. After the first two days, resume your usual meals as soon as possible but ensure you have a well balanced diet. For your comfort, you may prefer soft or liquid foods.

Meals that require a lot of chewing should be avoided. It is critical to maintaining a healthy nutritional intake, even if through liquids. Drink a lot of water. It is also advisable to abstain from alcohol at least for the next 48 hours.

Rest and avoid strenuous activity for the rest of the day after leaving work. Lower blood pressure reduces bleeding and promotes healing.

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