Sweet Nemesis: Why Too Much Sugar Intake Is Bad For Your Oral Health

If you had a penny for every time somebody mentioned sugar and bad health in one sentence, you’d likely be a millionaire by now. This is why it’s important to note how sugar harms your body, including your oral health.

It’s time to cut back on sugar before it’s too late. Our experienced dentist in West Hills, CA, tells you why. Book an appointment today, and read on to see the not-so-sweet impact of sugar on your teeth:

Dental Disease

Too much sugar intake can lead to many health issues and affect oral health.

When sugar comes in contact with the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, it can hurt your teeth. As the bacteria break down all the sugar compounds, there will be some acid production. The acid slowly erodes your teeth’s enamel. This is why seeking timely dental care is so important.

Tooth Decay

There is a direct correlation between sugary beverages and tooth decay. A study showed that for every serving of sugary drinks, there is a 22% increased risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when the acid in your mouth comes in direct contact with your teeth. It attacks the teeth’s protective enamel, weakening them and causing holes and cavities.

Two sugary coffee drinks on a table

Gum Disease

Excessive sugar consumption can be damaging for your overall health, but can also directly impact your gums. It often compounds plaque and debris buildup on your teeth and gums. Plaque is extremely bad for your gums as it makes them prone to many diseases.

Gum disease might be the most common oral health issue due to high blood sugar. It is extremely important to keep your sugar intake in check. If your gums bleed or are swollen and inflamed, make sure to book an appointment for dental treatment.

Take Care of Your Teeth with Our General Dentistry Services in West Hills

Brushing your teeth twice daily is the first step toward perfect oral hygiene. Flossing, brushing your teeth, and following recommended practices for dental care will lead to healthier teeth.

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