The Emotional Consequences of Halitosis

Having bad breath (halitosis) is more than embarrassing and offensive, it can be indicative of a serious health condition. Foul smelling breath is a put off for most, it can negatively impact your personal and intimate relationships, your career and take a toll on your self-esteem. Most people who seek treatment have experienced the adverse effects and want to correct the problem.

Consequences of Halitosis

Those of us who have never suffered from persistent halitosis cannot relate to how people with halitosis feel. A constant fear of rejection and actual rejection are a daily part of life. Anytime something bad happens, sufferers can’t help but wonder if it is related to the foul-smelling odor. They get passed up for a promotion, get dumped by a significant other or neglect to receive invitations to social events, they can never be sure of the reason.

Halitosis Encounters Rejection

It is often very challenging and potentially heart-breaking to find/sustain a romantic relationship with halitosis. Meeting new people is difficult, even if a person expresses interest. Bad breath sufferers tend to be standoffish when someone is being flirty with them. The fear of someone discovering their problem and rejecting them can be debilitating for some.

Along with feeling apprehensive about socializing, there is the guilt. People with halitosis often think this condition is their fault. They may believe they deserve to be mistreated or are unworthy of close bonds.

Rejection in the Workplace

Another setting where having halitosis can have a devastating impact is in the workplace. Employees feel the sting of rejection by co-workers daily. It can be humiliating to have people purposely avoid you or leave you out of after-work gatherings. Anytime you hear soft chatter you wonder if they are commenting on your breath or making fun of your condition. Even people with the best intentions can be hurtful when they constantly offer you gum or breath mints.

Isolation Breeds Depression

All that isolation can lead to depression for many people who suffer from halitosis. They avoid people as much as possible and only go out when necessary. The problem with living like a hermit is that exacerbates their feelings of helplessness, anger, rejection and low mood. Living with chronic bad breath damages more than self-esteem, it can destroy your quality of life.

Bad Breath Treatment in West Hills, CA

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