Your Smile Makeover

Have you always dreamt of a perfectly aligned and pearly white smile? West Hills Smiles is prepared to make all your smile dreams come true! We offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services that help to improve the appearance and function of our patient’s smiles. What are some of these effective services? Continue reading to find out how you can have a smile makeover!

Below are a few of the popular services we offer to our patients. We encourage you to read about them as well as our reviews to see how we can improve your smile!

  • Short-Term Orthodontics. Innovations have allowed our dentists to effectively align teeth without traditional wire braces. Options such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect are used every day to modestly straighten teeth.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening. Many of our patients complain to us that they have tried an abundance of over-the-counter teeth whitening products with no success. Our clinic offers professional teeth whitening treatments that bleach your teeth’s enamel with long-lasting results. Customized treatments can be made available in our office or with a take-home kit.
  • Dental Veneers. Dental veneers help to fix several issues including chips, cracks, discoloration, and gaps in between teeth. They are made of a thin porcelain material that bonds to your individual tooth for a natural feel and appearance.
  • Gum Reshaping/Teeth Contouring. Smiles that show too much gum can easily be corrected through teeth contouring. Gum reshaping helps to show more of your natural tooth for a better appearance.
  • Dental Implants. Missing teeth can greatly affect someone’s self-confidence. Our clinic provides safe and high-quality dental implants with our experienced dental staff.

Call our dental clinic today to schedule a consult and begin your smile makeover!