The Secret to Anti-Aging: Cosmetic Dentistry

The signs of aging may not scare everyone, but even the youngest patient can begin to panic over a smile that is slowly but surely breaking down. As one grows older, different signs and symptoms of age can begin to manifest themselves in our appearance, and your teeth are no exception. There are a few ways to combat the signs of aging whether it be cosmetic procedures or not, but if you’re concerned with the appearance of your face, one of the most effective ways to treat aging is by using cosmetic dentistry. If you’re interested in a smile makeover, feel free to contact us at West Hills smiles and West Hills, CA. Let’s take a look at a few ways cosmetic dentistry solutions can combat aging.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions to Combat Aging

Anti-aging dentistry is a real thing, and many are using it to their advantage today. By utilizing one or more cosmetic dentistry or restorative procedures can transform your smile and your look completely. Looking younger, healthier, and even happier can be done with a smile makeover.

  • Stained Teeth: discoloration of the teeth is a side effect of Aging. your tooth enamel takes on a lot everyday, especially if you’re a coffee or tea drinker, a tobacco user, or a pasta lover. 2 best combat discolored teeth is important to find out if your tooth stains are found inside or outside your teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatments can reverse the signs of stained teeth, but in the case that it cannot porcelain veneers can be used to restore a healthy-looking smile.
  • Sagging Cheeks and Jaw: Age can definitely be responsible for the slow movement of your skin downward, thanks to gravity. However, missing teeth can also be to blame. Missing teeth can interfere with the foundation of not only your smile, but also the Integrity of your jaw bone. When you miss teeth, your skin begins to shift faster and your lips can begin to curl inward. In order to combat this specific problem, dental implants are one of the most effective solutions.
  • Broken Teeth: there can be a number of reasons that your teeth break or chip. Whether it’s a bad habit or even an accident, your smile and the integrity of your tooth structure becomes less and less. You may also be living with old dental treatments that are no longer settled into your mouth properly, meaning a filling could crack or you could lose a dental crown. And this case porcelain veneers, crowns, and any other number of cosmetic dentistry solutions can be the fix you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve been plagued with these or any other kind of aging symptom, it is important that you talk to your dentist to see what your options are. At our office in West Hills, CA, we’re dedicated to making sure our patients always feel their best, and look their best. With that in mind we urge you to make an appointment as soon as possible to see us and our dental professionals and start feeling better about yourself today.