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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Teeth At Home During Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought some drastic changes in our daily lives. The pandemic has made a lot of people skeptical of making unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office­; most of all dental clinics. Most dental clinics are taking emergency cases and providing emergency treatment to the patients. Many people have put routine dental check-ups on hold, and people are looking for ways to maintain their dental hygiene safely at home.

Below we have listed down 3 basic tips that you can follow daily to take care of your teeth.

Brushing and flossing

The most suggested tip for maintaining oral hygiene regularly is brushing and flossing daily. Keeping your teeth clean with brushing and flossing keeps your teeth caries-free. It reduces the accumulation of bacteria, significantly lowers the chances of gum disease. It also helps you maintain minty-fresh breath.

Now that’s a win for everybody!

Salt-water gargles and mouthwash

Salt-water-gargles and alcohol-free mouthwash have proved to be highly effective in maintaining healthy teeth. The emphasis here is on using an alcohol-free mouthwash. Why? Because it ensures that it doesn’t dry your mouth. Remember that saliva is essential to keep your mouth and teeth clean and bacteria-free. Mouthwash that contains alcohol will leave you with a dry mouth and inhibit saliva production.

Maintain hydration and a healthy diet

It’s essential to have a balanced and healthy diet in order to maintain your oral hygiene and healthy teeth. Increase your water intake and reduce the amount of sugar and starch in your diet. This will effectively reduce the chances of dental caries in your teeth.

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We hope this guide was simple enough to help you take good care of oral hygiene and teeth during Covid-19. If you are looking for a dentist in West Hill, CA, you can visit West Hills Smiles and have your teeth checked out by our experts.

With some of the country’s best dentists on board, we strive to provide you with the optimal general and cosmetic dental procedures to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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