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Why Are Dentures So Important for Your Oral Health?

Losing a tooth can be very distressing—even more so if someone points it out. Most people’s confidence gets shaken when they lose a tooth. And why wouldn’t it be—after all, a smile is a person’s most prominent feature, so it being affected in any way will make them self-conscious.

We realize that deciding to get a denture is a difficult decision. So we’ve put together a list of hard facts about the benefits of wearing a denture to help you decide.

1.     Maintain Your Facial Structure

Chewing and swallowing aren’t the only functions our jawbone and teeth perform. They are also responsible for maintaining our fixed facial structure, which might otherwise sag if there were too many missing or damaged teeth.

They give our face a distinctive profile which we are identified by. Missing teeth can create empty spaces in the oral cavity, which leads to sagging facial muscles, since there is no support for them.

2.     Assistance in Chewing and Eating

Research has shown that people who have missing teeth or don’t have teeth for whatever reason often suffer from malnutrition. Because of their missing teeth, they’re unable to chew their food thoroughly, and it moves into their stomach without being broken down completely. This leads to incomplete nutrient absorption down the line.

Simultaneously, because of the difficulty they face in chewing hard foods, people without teeth tend to skip essential vegetables and fruits and prefer to eat rice and bread, as they’re easier to consume.

3.     Speech Clarity

Apart from making chewing easier, a full set of teeth also helps us speak clearly. While missing one or two teeth might not make much difference, having a lot of missing teeth directly impact our ability to speak clearly. Missing teeth create air pockets that make the pronunciation of certain letters and words difficult.

A single, broken tooth with a sad face

4.     Teeth and Gum Support

If you still have a few healthy teeth that you don’t want to have removed for a full denture, getting a partial denture is the right choice. Along with giving you the replacement teeth you need to be healthy and happy, partial dentures provide support to your existing teeth and gums.

Our teeth tend to adjust according to the space available, and if there are too many empty spots in your gums, your existing teeth will re-adjust to cover the space and become crooked and spaced out.

If you’re in West Hills, CA, and are looking for a trustworthy dentist, visit West Hills Smiles to get a consultation on your oral health. Their high-quality, family-friendly services will give you the confidence you need to take this important step!

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