How to Detect A Tooth Cavity Before it Gets Worse

Toothaches can an extremely uncomfortable, especially if you don’t know why they’re happening. But in a large number of cases, the cause is tooth decay.Luckily, good oral hygiene can prevent tooth decay to a large extent. The rest depends on your diet; smart food choices, such as eating low sugar foods, can go a long way in protecting your teeth.

The tooth decay process is slow, but tooth cavities are a surefire sign that point to it. A tooth cavity is a hole in your tooth that’s caused by the destruction of the enamel covering your teeth. While tooth cavities cause permanent damage, they can be repaired with a filling.

By recognizing that your tooth is beginning to decay and getting professional help early, you can save your tooth and your smile.

We’ve put together a list of signs that will help you detect a tooth cavity early-on, so you never have to worry about your smile!


Sensitivity is one of the first signs you should be looking for if you’re worried about a tooth cavity. This can be caused by hot and cold foods alike. If you feel a throbbing sensation in your teeth or gums every time you eat or drink something, it’s quite probable that your enamel has been damaged, which can eventually lead to a cavity.


Teeth are naturally a shade of white because of the large amounts of calcium present in the enamel. However, if a tooth visibly begins to change color, you might be in some trouble.

Staining and discoloration are caused by damaged or worn-out enamel. This can result from exterior decay, due to your diet, or internal decay, meaning your tooth is decaying from inside out. In any of these cases, you should book an appointment with a dentist and have it checked out.

Visible Hole

If you can see a hole or a pit in any of your teeth, a cavity has already formed, and you need to have it looked at.

Spontaneous Pain

Spontaneous pangs of pain are a sign of a tooth cavity forming. They can occur at any time of the day, whether you’re eating or not, and go away as quickly as they come. This is the right time to book a dentist’s appointment and get diagnosed so you can address the problem and prevent permanent damage.

Toothache While Eating

This is one of the most obvious signs. If your tooth hurts every time you chew something, you need to get it checked out ASAP. Apart from the immense discomfort, the toothache is also a sign that your tooth has weakened and can potentially develop a cavity.

If you’re still stumped, the dentists at West Hills Smiles can help you out with advanced tech such as laser-assisted cavity detection to ensure that no cavity is missed out, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden threats to your dental health.