Dental Emergency Guide: When And How to Find An Emergency Dentist

Have you ever been a victim of a severe toothache because of sudden trauma to your teeth? If your answer to this question was yes, this guide is for you.

Reports state that dental emergencies are increasing every day, accounting for 2.5% of total emergency visits. Dental injuries are sometimes very severe, and they need to be treated immediately to avoid any mishaps later.

When do you need a doctor?

If you experience any of the following symptoms, seek professional help immediately:

  1. Excessive Bleeding

If you find your teeth excessively bleeding, consult your doctor immediately. Usually, it takes few hours to stop the bleeding, and it’s best to communicate your problems to your dentist sooner.

2. Bacterial Infections:

If you have a bacterial infection and you delay your visit to the dentist, you’ll have swollen gums and tissue-related issues that can block your airways and make the treatment more complicated and painful. A piece of advice: Be careful and pay attention to small details related to your teeth.

3. Broken or cracked tooth:

If you incur an injury where your truth is either broken or cracked, run to the dentist! While quick home remedies can help alleviate the pain, these aren’t long-term solutions.

What to do next?

Once you realize the severe nature of the problem, it’s important to get professional help to find the root cause.

A dentist treating the patients' teeth with advanced equipment.

Reach out to trusted dentists!

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