4 Surprisingly Effective Tips for Oral Health During COVID-19

We generally pay a lot of attention to our health, but we don’t realize the importance of oral health until it’s too late. We understand the severity of the issue only when our teeth start to ache. American Dental Association reports that 38% of the adults of high-income groups experience toothache once in a while.

You must take precautions to prevent any dental problem that may cause discomfort. Here are few tips that you should keep in mind:

1.     Clean your mouth:

We assume everyone cleans their mouth. But, the problem arises when you don’t pay attention to how you clean your mouth. Research states using floss to clean between interdental areas is essential to ensure good oral hygiene.

2. Drink fluoridated water:

Studies suggest drinking fluoridated water helps prevent around 25% of tooth decay. We all know the truth about sugar and tooth decay, but fluoridated water usage also helps in minimizing the effect of sugar.

3. Avoid eating harmful food items:

We’re all aware of the problems sugar can cause to our teeth. But studies have shown that ice and foods containing acid content can damage the enamel of our teeth, leading to an increase in the chance of tooth decay. Moreover, excessive alcohol intake causes a reduction in saliva, which can lead to increased chances of tooth decay. We can’t just skip all our favorite meals, especially if we have a sweet tooth; therefore, maintaining a balance is necessary, along with regular checkups as a precaution.

4. Keep in contact with your doctor:

A dentist treating the teeth of a patient with surgical equipment and a nurse's help.

You may find short-term remedies at home, but the core problem needs to be solved to prevent constant pain and irritation. If you’re looking for dentists in woodland hills, ca, West Hills Smiles provides various dental care treatments, such as cosmetic dental services, emergency dental services, and dental implants. Amid the COVID pandemic, we do not overbook; ensure to make an appointment beforehand for a smooth process. Although for emergencies, we facilitate same-day appointments so that you won’t have to wait for another day to get professional help.

It’s time you take oral health seriously; book your appointments now for a  checkup from a specialized dentist.