How Laser Gum Reshaping Can Transform Your Smile

Most people aren’t bothered by an uneven gum line, but for some people, a gummy smile can give way to a lowered self-confidence and self-consciousness. If your gummy smile is also holding you back from living life to the fullest, then laser gum reshaping can solve your problem.

Laser gum reshaping improves your smile and boosts your self-confidence. Continue reading to learn more about how laser gum reshaping can transform your smile.

What Is Laser Gum Reshaping Treatment?

Laser gum reshaping or laser gum contouring is the latest dental treatment in cosmetic dentistry. It aligns the gum line by removing the excess tissue from the gums.

In the past decades, this procedure was performed with the help of a scalpel. It was quite painful and involved a long recovery time. Due to advancements in dental technology, dentists now perform laser gum reshaping with dental lasers and perform cautery that is less painful and infectious.

The procedure begins when the dentist applies the numbing solution to the patient’s gums for comfort. Next, they anesthetize gums and finally reshape the gums with a dental laser to give an even appearance.

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4 Problems Laser Gum Reshaping Solves

1. Uneven or Asymmetrical Gums

When gums are uneven, they also make the teeth look irregular, unbalanced, and sometimes even crooked. Laser gum reshaping aligns the gums in an even position to give you the perfect smile.

2. Excess Gum Tissue

People who have excess gum tissue wear a gummy’ smile. These people are subject to lower confidence and lower self-esteem. Laser gum reshaping can help them regain their confidence and smile a little wider!

3. Your Teeth Look Small

Due to excessive gum tissue, your teeth may look small. You can benefit from laser gum reshaping and get a more proportional look for your teeth.

4. Periodontal Procedures

Laser gum reshaping can also be performed to cure any gum disease or disorder. These periodontal procedures include gum pockets reduction, adjustment of crown lengthening, and Porcelain veneer placement.

Recovery Time for Laser Gum Reshaping

Patients who have undergone laser gum reshaping find it painless. Even if anyone feels mild pain, that can be quickly relieved with an ibuprofen painkiller.

There’s no defined recovery time for laser gum reshaping. It varies from person to person. Some people recover within a few days, while others may take as long as two weeks. Patients who have got laser gum reshaping done should take extra care while chewing or eating.

It’s recommended to avoid crunchy, sticky, or hard food items during the recovery time, or else it’ll hinder the recovery process and irritate the gums. Additionally, you have to be vigilant in maintaining your oral hygiene and dental care. You shouldn’t skip brushing or flossing. Finally, use a soft toothbrush with gentle pressure for brushing.

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