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Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth?

If you’ve recently noticed white spots on your teeth, there can be many reasons why they’re surfacing. Lifestyle changes, health problems, and poor dental hygiene can contribute to the discoloration of your pearly whites and lead to undesirable spots.

However, no matter how unattractive the white spots on your teeth may seem to you, they can rarely pose any severe health risks. In this blog, we’ll look at some common causes of white spots on teeth.

Unhealthy diet

Acidic foods can eat away the tooth enamel and lead to discoloration on your teeth, whereas foods items that are rich in sugar content can form acidic plaque.

Hence, consuming high quantities of sweet and acidic foods such as sodas, lemon, and oranges can lead to the unpleasant white spots on your teeth.

Enamel hypoplasia

Enamel hypoplasia is the condition of having less enamel than what’s considered adequate. Thin and weak enamel can make your teeth more vulnerable to sensitivity and spotting.

There are many reasons for enamel hypoplasia, including nutritional deficiency and mineral loss in teeth. Smoking during pregnancy and premature birth can also lead to white stains on a newborn’s teeth.

Dental fluorosis

Fluoride is an essential nutrient to maintain the health of your oral cavity. However, an excess in fluoride intake can lead to a condition known as fluorosis that can cause decay and discoloration.

This condition typically occurs in children who may continually ingest fluoridated toothpaste. Regularly drinking fluoridated water and taking medications with a high fluoride content can also lead to fluorosis.

Bacteria plaque accumulation

If you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly, they can become more prone to dental caries and lead to discoloration. Bacteria love to grow on the teeth, and accumulation of bacteria plaque can cause white spots leading to more severe dental issues.

Bracesartistic picture of teeth

If you’ve worn braces for a long time and taken them off just recently, the edges around which they were glued to your teeth may have become white. This can happen due to the stripping away of minerals from your enamel during the removal of braces.

Ensure that your teeth remain healthy while they’re covered with braces by regularly cleaning debris and plaque deposits from between the apparatus.

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