Why You and Your Kids Need To Stop Drinking Soda Right Now

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the American population has at least one sugary drink each day. Call it “soda” or “pop”, the truth is that these drinks are responsible for a number of health complications such as weight gain, gum diseases, obesity, and type-2 diabetes. Not only that but it also leads to discoloration and breaking down of the tooth enamel.

The problem is more severe in younger children as the drinks can lead to a damaged gum structure at an early age. In this blog, we take a look at a few compelling reasons why you (and the rest of the family!) should stop drinking soda right now.

Effects of Soda on Dental Hygiene

The following are some of the effects that soda and pop drinks have on dental hygiene:

  • Soda contains citric acid that ranks 3 on the pH scale. This acid is responsible for dissolving teeth enamel and the longer it stays in your mouth the more harm it does.
  • Sweetened soda is even worse since it contains both acids that erode teeth and sugar that acts as fuel for bacteria. The bacteria produce acid for around 20 minutes which means that with every additional sip or can of soda, the process is restarted again.
  • The calories provided by soda take the place of nutritional foods and drinks that are essential for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.
  • Immediately brushing teeth after drinking soda is a mistake as the bristles damage and removes the upper layer of the enamel which was recently made soft and sensitive by the acids.
  • Those suffering from gum recession are at a greater danger of root dentin erosion.

Ways to Protect Your Teeth and Gums

The most obvious solution is to stop drinking soda entirely. However, if you find it difficult to quit immediately, here are some of the ways you can protect and minimize the damages:

  • Limit the quantity: Don’t go for more than one drink per day.
  • Drink quickly:The longer the drink remains in contact with your teeth and gums the more damage it can cause. Drinking faster helps minimize the damage.
  • Don’t drink before sleeping:Drinking just before going to sleep will give the sugars and acids the entire night to wreak havoc on your teeth.
  • Get routine dental cleanings:There’s no one who knows your teeth better than the dentist. Go for routine checkups and cleaning that’ll help your teeth and gums remain in good shape.

In conclusion, soft drinks are not safe for your oral or your overall health. West Hills Smiles is home to some of the most qualified dentists in Woodland Hills, California and provide a number of dental services that help minimize and reverse the damage done by soda or pop drinks. Contact us today for more information.