10 Foods that Damage Your Teeth

Don‘t like how your teeth feel and look lately? It might be that your teeth are damaged. Here are a few foods that are ruining your pearly whites.

1. Sodas and sweetened beverages

Apart from decaying teeth, several other health issues arise with drinking sweetened beverages. Sugary drinks like sodas, coffee-related drinks, and energy drinks affect our bodies in more than one way. That’s why it’s no wonder sodas and sweetened beverages damage teeth.

Sodas and drinks on a shelf

2. Candies and Sweets:

As mentioned before, candies and sweets, along with desserts, are the largest source of sugars for you. Sugar is the basic food for harmful bacteria that build more acid. The acid production slowly tries to break down the tooth enamel, eventually leading to cavities.

3. Popcorn

Popcorn might be your favorite junk food, but all those buttery puffs make their way right within your teeth. They are there to stay and contribute to bacteria growth.  

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is another food that can be quite harmful to your teeth. It reduces the production of saliva within your teeth, decreasing the chances of the food washing down. It destroys the soft tissue in your mouth, which can increase the chances of gum diseases. If the situation escalates, immediately direct yourself towards the dentist at West Hills, CA.

5. Ice

Now, this might be a surprising addition to this list. Many people have the habit of chewing ice. Well, ice certainly is not for chewing. Making your teeth undergo extensive chewing exercises can leave them vulnerable and even breakable.

6. Citrus

The basic source of citrus is lemon. When you eat it independently, it becomes harmful to your health. Be sure to add it to foods and not eat it separately.

7. Potato chips

Foods that contain starch can get stuck right between your teeth. This makes it hard to get the bits and pieces out. These pieces feed into the bacteria within your teeth, decaying your teeth in the process.

8. Dry fruits

Dry fruits might be healthier than juicy fruits, but they still contain some semblance of sugar and stickiness that can get stuck to your teeth. Aftercare is very important when eating such foods.

9. Cereals and baked foods

Baked desserts and cereals are quite harmful to your body. They contain all sorts of sugar and can get stuck in your teeth.

10. White bread

Many of us use white bread regularly while making breakfast. In reality, we might be eating stuff that contains more sugar than anything else.

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