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3 Misconceptions About Dentists

If you feel nervous and jittery before a dentist appointment, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is quite common, and according to research, between 50 and 80% of American adults experience some degree of dental anxiety.

The most prevalent reason why many of us feel apprehensive before a dental appointment is due to the many misconceptions related to dentists.

Common Misconceptions You Should Be Wary of:

  • Every Appointment will Involve Pain And Discomfort

While it is true that many dental procedures like tooth extractions, anesthetic dental injections and getting your braces tightened can be uncomfortable, not all dental procedures are painful since most anesthesia (general or local) is administered before a potentially painful treatment procedure.  You’re also prescribed pain relievers for the post-recovery phase of the procedure. Always remember that dentists are only here to care for you and your dental health. They save you from further pain, which is inevitable when you neglect dental care.

  • Dental Procedures Are Full of Risks

Certain dental procedures come with risks. However, the Dentists at West Hill Smiles are not only highly qualified but also highly trained professionals who provide dental services with the utmost care and cutting-edge techniques which bring back your beautiful smile in a relaxed environment.

  • Dentists Are Only Teeth Specialists

Many people believe that dentistry is just about teeth care. However, dentists care for much more than just your teeth; they’re your long-term oral healthcare partners. They’re trained to help maintain good oral health, including the teeth as well as your gums. The dental services offered at West Hills Smiles also include cosmetic dentistry, which includes anti-aging dentistry and professional teeth whitening, etc.

Dental Care at West Hills

Developing a Healthy Dental Routine

If dental anxiety has kept you from scheduling appointments, then take a moment and think about your teeth. Just your toothbrush is not sufficient for a thorough cleaning, and over time, plaque buildup compromises your overall oral health. As our health care providers, dentists always prioritize our best interests and needs.

If you’re looking for the best dental service providers near Woodland Hills, West Hills Smiles offers the best dental services by renowned specialists with proven expertise.


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