Why Are Kids Afraid of Dentists?

Dental anxiety in kids is a common concern worldwide that hinders optimal oral care, creating problems for parents and children. Since it’s a priority for every parent to ensure their child’s oral health is not compromised, we’ll discuss the causes of dental anxiety in minors and what measures should be taken to help them overcome it.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Since kids are very receptive, they develop most opinions based on what they hear and see. As adults, we should make sure that we don’t discuss our painful visits to the dentist in front of our kids because it creates a negative association in their mind. That’s why you should be careful about mentioning your dental care experiences in front of your kids. Similarly, fear of the unknown is also why your child may be anxious before a dental appointment. Therefore, it’s always helpful to discuss the expected procedures with your child before the appointment.

Why First Impressions Are Important

A child’s first experience at a dental clinic also matters a lot because that forms their personal opinion about dental appointments. If your child has an unpleasant first experience, it is crucial to ensure the next dental appointment goes well. Moreover, dental tools and equipment can also look intimidating. Discuss the functions of each tool and how they help fix their teeth with your child. Playing dentist instead of doctor with them can also be of great help!

How to Help them Relax before an Appointment

If you have scheduled an appointment for your little one, it’s always good to brief them about why they’re going to the dentist and what they can expect. If you notice your child getting anxious, breathing exercises can help them calm down. Playing their favorite music or videos on the way to the dental clinic can help as well.

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Find The Best Dentist For Your Child

A caring pediatric dentist can help an anxious child relax and cooperate. At West Hills Smiles, our team always makes sure to provide comfortable and children-friendly dental care to ensure optimal dental health. For further information or to schedule a dental appointment, get in touch with us here.