3 Ways DIY Toothache Remedies Can Cause You More Pain

More often than not, when you’re in unbearable pain, you’d be tempted to Google a DIY home remedy for toothaches. However, some of these aren’t effective at all and work no better than a placebo. Others might even end up doing more harm than good.

In case of an emergency, head over to your dentist right away. But if it’s not possible right away, make sure you steer clear of these harmful home remedies.

Putting an Aspirin Where the Pain Is

One of the most common false remedies for toothache is to let an aspirin or any other type of painkiller dissolve in your mouth by pressing it between your cheek and your gum close to where the pain is. This does not work and will likely damage your inner cheek or gum because of the chemicals that are released from the aspirin, since it’s caustic in nature. A better solution would be to take the painkiller normally by swallowing it with water, and then waiting for it to kick in.

A fizzy, acidic drink.

Anything Involving a Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

If you read up on any remedy that involves a hydrogen peroxide rinse, it’s best to ignore them. If not diluted properly, this chemical can erode your teeth and gums and cause you a lot of pain. If your gums get damaged in the process and you keep putting off going to the dentist, you could likely end up with a gum infection.

Having Ice-Cream to Sooth the Pain

There have been times when dentists have recommended ice-cream after certain procedures, but this does not mean it works for all types of toothaches. Dentists only ask their patients to have ice-cream when they have performed a minor surgical procedure on the gums. An example of this is a tooth extraction or a root canal. Ice cream can help cool this off and provide relief. However, you could be experiencing pain due to a weal enamel or sensitive teeth, and in this case, ice cream would make things a lot worse.

This is why you should always consult a dentist before trying new methods. If you’re looking for a dentist in Woodland Hills, CA, visit us at West Hills Smiles. We offer Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry so that you can wear a smile you’re proud of!