3 Things to Know Before Getting Braces

Braces are an excellent teeth correction procedure that enables individuals to have straighter, more beautiful teeth. Straight teeth are not only more appealing, but are also easier to maintain and clean, making them less prone to issues like decay and toothache later in life. Getting braces can be exciting but most patients have some questions and concerns as there are many myths about getting braces.

In recent years, dental braces have evolved, making the process easier and smooth. Here are some things that you need to know before getting braces.

How Much Is The Expenditure

The price of braces varies greatly depending on how badly your teeth are misaligned, the type of braces you pick, and whether your dentist also needs to conduct other related treatments, such as an excision or palate expansion.

In general, the more severe your misalignment, the higher the cost of braces. This is because more serious causes, such as overbites and extreme crossbites, need more examinations and modifications at the orthodontist’s office, as well as a longer overall treatment term.

The Different Types Of Braces

Braces are used to address crowded or crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw or an incorrect bite.

A woman is flossing her teeth.

Braces are classified as either detachable or fixed. These consist of removable plates composed of acrylic and stainless steel wires and aligners, for example, Invisalign.

During treatment, fixed equipment includes braces affixed to the teeth. These can’t be removed by patients. These are often made up of metal or porcelain brackets and orthodontic cables.

Taking Proper Care After Getting Braces

Activities such as flossing and brushing thoroughly can get harder to do once you get braces.  Flossing is nearly impossible for most people who have braces. However, that doesn’t change that cleaning your teeth is essential for your health, braces or no braces.

You’ll also need to stay away from sticky or chewy food that can get stuck to and damage your braces, like caramel.


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